Circular Motion

The Circular Motion Toolkit provides teachers with standards-based resources for designing lesson plans and units that pertain to introductory conccepts associated with circular motion. Such concepts include tangential velocity, centripetal acceleration, the centripetal force requirement, the application of Newton's three laws to moving in circles, and the use of Newton's second law and free-body diagrams to mathematically analyze the motion of objects ion circles and along curved paths. The Toolkit is supported by Lessons 1 and 2 of the Circular Motion and Satellite Motion Chapter at The Physics Classroom Tutorial.

Each toolkit can be viewed in three different ways.

  1. Circular Motion - HTML Version of Complete Toolkit

    The HTML version of the complete toolkit contains all the resources with full descriptions and links to their location on the web. The complete toolkit also includes learning objectives and references the pertinent standards addressed by the resources.

  2. Circular Motion - PDF Version of Complete Toolkit

    The PDF version of the complete toolkit contains all the resources with full descriptions in a printer-friendly format. Learning objectives and relevant standards are also included in the PDF Version of the complete toolkit.

  3. Circular Motion - Toolkit To Go

    The Toolkit To Go is a 2-page PDF document that provides an abbreviated version of the complete toolkit. It contains as much information as could fit on two pages. Toolkits to Go can be photo-copied back-to-back, hole-punched, and filed in a teacher's folder or three-ring binder for future reference.



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